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Dear parents,

Wiggling mice, giggling colour ghosts, and creepy crawlies - colour pencil drawings come to life with Creative Kids! The app gives children over six a step by step method for creating their own animations and moving images using colour pencils, paper, and a tablet computer. Fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination are stimulated in a playful and fun way.

Children are naturally full of ideas and curiosity. At Faber-Castell we try to support their curiosity with helpful, age-appropriate tasks and accompany them in the creation of fantastic colour pencil drawings with easy-to-follow instructions to develop their own ideas.

We develop age-appropriate products and challenges which are specifically designed for the different phases of child development. In this way the age-specific needs of children are addressed and their development is, we hope, helped along. This will support and sustain the natural joy of drawing, painting, and writing as important means of expression.

Further information on our products, on infant development, and ideas for painting and drawing can be found at www.Faber-Castell.com.

  • App
  • Lovingly hand-crafted app with colour pencil illustrations
  • Self-explanatory step by step drawing tutorials
  • Intuitive handling
  • Four user profiles
  • Developed with child development experts, tested, and further developed
  • Ideas which are age-appropriate and further your child‘s development: exercises fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination
  • Security
  • No links to external sites in child mode
  • No in-app offers
  • Parent mode: picture galleries for up to four young artists, for administering user profiles, for sending the finished pictures by e-mail, product information
  • Available
  • In the Apple App Store for iPad iOS 5.0 or higher